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Lick my toes slave

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Lick my toes slave

Postby ollie44 » Wed Jun 30, 2010 9:56 am

This is my work. What do you think?

Female: I know you cheated on her. I saw it myself.
Slave: Please Please don’t tell her. Please?
Female: Get on the floor.
Slave: Umm no. Why?
Female: Maybe I’ll just tell her then. What a shame.
Slave: Okay okay sorry please.
* Slave gets on the floor, laying on his front*
Female: Beg me not to tell her.
Slave: Please please Kate.
Female: Kate? I don’t think that’s my name to you anymore. I’ll be Mistress to you from now on. Try again. Beg!
Slave: Please mistress. I’m begging please!
Female: *Laughs* Come here.
* She ties his hands behind his back whilst he still lays on his front*
Slave: Please don’t hurt me.
Female: You seem to be forgetting my name. From now on, you speak only when I tell you. See my socks? Take them off. NOW!
Slave: But …
Female: Did I say you could speak? Use your mouth slave.
*Slave desperately struggles but eventually manages to get a grip of the first sock and pulls it off*
Female: Have you figured out what you’re gonna do yet slave?
Slave: I think so mistress. Please no!
Female: How dare you not want to kiss my feet. Kiss the top of my foot till I say stop. After every 5 kisses, I want you to tell me that you want to be my slave.
* Slave kisses foot and follows her orders. Slave ends up kissing her soft and tender foot 50 times before she orders him to remove the other sock*
Female: This foot is equally as smelly and beautiful. Another 50 slave.
* Slave kisses this foot 50 times and is constantly ordered to smell and beg for more, completely against his will. She then reaches into Slaves pocket and takes out his mobile phone*
Female: You want me to tell her?
Slave: Please no mistress
Female: I’m gonna call her, and you’re gonna tell her that you have a work trip and won’t be home for a week.
Slave: She doesn’t believe me mistress.
Female: That’s the least of your worries right now. For the next week you’re gonna be sucking my toes, cleaning my soles and also my ass. All of your meals will be eaten from in between my toes, which I won’t be washing. Understood?
Slave: Yes mistress.
* Slave attempts to look up at mistress for sympathy and mercy but her foot aggressively pushes his head back down to the floor*
Female: Now lick the toes. Don’t forget to suck too. I want you to suck each toe for a minute.
* Slave tries to resist but is helplessly tied, and obeys her uncompromising demands. After the slave has completed this task, mistress casually gets up and walks into her garden, ensuring she steps into the muddiest areas. She then walks back inside to the slave, and points her feet upwards*
Female: Oops! I think my feet may be a little dirty. Lick my perfectly arched soles. From heel to toes. The only thing I wanna hear from you is your tongue licking. If I hear anything else, you’ll be licking my ass for the next week.
* Slave continues to lick up and down for a number of hours, but is eventually left on the floor whilst the mistress goes out. For the next week, the slave is forced to lick his mistress’s feet, eat his meals from her toes, serve his mistresses friends, clean her shoes and occasionally pleasure her ass when misbehaved*
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Re: Lick my toes slave

Postby willywonka » Thu Jul 15, 2010 7:38 am

The conversation between the two not very impressive, and what makes its weakness stick out even more is the fact you have no back story here. Alright for a first attempt I suppose but you should definitely flesh it out more.
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Re: Lick my toes slave

Postby angel crush » Thu Oct 07, 2010 8:09 pm

the script is good but you do need more of a start.. a story line of some sort.. but keep up the good work!!

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